Monday, June 25, 2007

Corporate Kung-Fu

It's the classic tale of revenge and office battle royal you all know and love!

Eric recently asked me about our high school senior english video, so it's here for your viewing pleasure! Long live Mr. Cole!

Note: The version I have on my machine doesn't appear to be our final version. There are a few places where more editing was clearly needed, and a few gaps in the "story line" (such as it is) that we later filled in. Most notably, when The New Guy dons his motorcycle helmet / shower nozzle getup after the meeting scene, there's no explanation that it is, of course, and ACME Stealth Suit which allows The New Guy to surreptitiously place a note in The Boss' pocket. Also, the end credits are, regrettably, missing.

Regardless, here it is in all its glory:

Virtual Bubblewrap

One of those ideas you should have thought of :)...

Virtual Bubblewrap