Monday, December 11, 2006

Myth II Soulblighter

Ahh a wonderfull game from back in the day. I remember playing the original Myth (circa 1997) over dialup from the upstairs attic of our house (then my Dad's office I believe). Myth II came along a year later and, despite being officially dropped by Bungie in 2002, still has hosted servers and regular updates from a still thriving online community.

The site playmyth.nethosts the games online servers and acts as a repository for the multitude of player created maps which have given the game such a long lifespan.

Other community projects like Project Magma, The Tain, and Flying Flip update the games themselves.

Myth II, for example, was made before OS X, and certainly long before Apple's switch to Intel processors. So the original executable on the CD will not even run on my fancy new 24inch core 2 duo imac. However, the good people at The Tain have an updated Auto Installer which copies the files you need from the Myth II disk and applies the latest updates and bug fixes as well as patches necessary to play on's servers now that the famous is no longer hosting Myth.

But that's not all!!! There's a new update currently in beta which turns Myth II into a Universal Binary application! How freeking cool is that? An almost 10 year old game that I can install, pull some updates off the internet, and run it native on my core 2 duo. So props to the amazing community that the Myth series fostered. Bungie produced a real gem with Myth. Too bad they sold their souls to Microsoft--and while they're still producing amazing stuff (read Halo) the fact that it's first available only on XBox/XBox 360 really stinks. Especially since this is from a company who started out on the mac; producing, among others, the genera defining Marathon Series (which, by the way, also still has an amazing cult following). Of course with Marathon the following in more focused on decyphering the amazingly subtle and detailed storyline and looking for connections to various other Bungie games.

So if you do decide to give this gem a try, look around for Shebanator on the playmyth.netservers. I'd be happy to own you ;).


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