Friday, August 25, 2006


For those living with their heads buried in the sand, this month witnessed the 2006 Apple WWDC and the unveiling during Steve Job's keynote of Mac OS Leopard. Now during the keynote, one of the really cool Leopard features Steve unveiled was the Dashboard Webclip Widget, which allows users to make a dashboard widget out of any section of a web page. The example used during the live demo was the creation of an automatically updating daily dilbert comic widget.

I used to check religiously, but stopped somewhere along the line--probably after my hard drive got nuked for the third or fourth time and I lost all my firefox bookmarks yet again. But that little snippet of the keynote got me checking the site again.

Now on a seemingly unrelated note, I was recently reminded of the funniest gaming cartoon ever -- the Knights of the Dinner Table Gazebo encounter -- by a Knights of the Dinner Table comic in the back of a friend's car. Fast forward a few weeks, and I suddenly have the urge to check on the web for Knights of the Dinner Table comics and lo and behold: the gazebo in flash animated glory. Oh, and there's lots of other funny ones :). Enjoy.


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I cast fireball at the gazebo!

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