Sunday, August 20, 2006

Caylus and El Grande

Finally -- after months of waiting for Rio Grande Games' inane shipping schedule which seems to take popular games in and out of print in long half year cycles -- I got my hands on both Caylus and El Grande from

From what I've read about TimeWellSpent and from the one order that I've made with them, I'm definitely impressed. They're not only a family owned business, but they're a family of gamers! The prices are very competitive (and often way better than the really big name online distributor for euro-style games So I'm more than happy to support them.

I've finished two plays of Caylus (both with only two players--but one of the great things about Caylus its excellent scalability from as few as 2 players to as many as 5). I haven't gotten to play El Grande yet (again mostly because it really requires at least 3) but I hope to rectify that on Monday when our bi-weekly Metron game night starts up again after a rather lengthy summer hiatus.

Unfortunetly I'm not very good at remembering enough of games to write very good session reports--something I'll work on--but suffice to say both games of Caylus so far were a blast and I look forward to playing with more people.


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