Tuesday, August 15, 2006


AOL thought to do the research community a favor by releasing the search records of about 650,000 members—a total of 36,389,629 individual searches—to the public. Funny, you'd think that if they had actually looked at the sorts of stuff people search for they would have realized that there are alot of creepy people on the internet... creepy people who are going to use the data to create amazingly popular internet pop culture icons like aolstalker.com.

There's a full story about it here along with 7 catagories of internet users which the author came up with by sifting through the data. Sort of reminiscent of the classic Timmy Johny Spike article for you Magic players out there.

Anyway—now's probably a good time to remind yourself that everything you do in the internet and everywhere you go is cached on about 20 servers around the world, so you're really better off just unplugging everything and hiding in a downstairs basment (remember to stay away from glass windows!)


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