Monday, July 24, 2006

Morbid Children's Toys!

So I recently discovered -- don't ask how :) -- a site which just goes to show that people will think of, and try to sell, virtually anything.

Note: Hopefully I can avoid being a lazy blogger like I have been for the past three months... we'll see...


Blogger Lewis said...

I suspect these huggable urns seem morbid because they display in high relief the widespread human practice of "caching" the remains of the dead, whether in graves, urns, or mausoleums. If those practices aren't all equally morbid, where exactly do huggable urns cross the line? Is it the apparent incongruity of emotions associated with plush animals and death? The "reanimation" of the remains as a plush animal? Other human groups imagine the spirits of the dead returning as real animals, but that seems to lend them a bit more dignity :-).

7:52 AM  

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