Monday, March 27, 2006

Movie.... withdraw.... hands.... shaking....

I'd originally planned to have a bran spanking new Intel Core-Duo Imac sitting on my desk by now to replace my old Dell craptop. Alas it was not to be. TurboTax decided to let me know that Roth-IRA rules have changed and the max yearly contribution was doubled. Bah! I couldn't really pass up not maxing it out for this year since those things are such a good deal: you pay no taxes on earnings, there are less restrictions on when withdrawals can be made, etc.... Although on a side note, I did not realize until recently that contributions to Roth-IRAs actually don't effect the tax bracket you are placed into; only regular IRA contributions do this.

Of course I also want to quickly pay down the student loans that I still have left just to get them out of the way and pay as little interest as possible. All that combined doesn't leave tons of cash for computer purchasing.

That's fine, I can wait (I'd really like to see some discounted refurbished Core-Duo Imacs) but there's so many movies that I've missed recently that I need to find some way to play DVDs. Ever since the hard drive died over the summer on my Compaq I haven't had a lot of the basic software that came in Roes' software suite.

If I did go ahead and get a TV, my old xbox should work fine for DVD playing, so I'd be all set. I just have to decide how cheap I want to be :). I wouldn't really want to spend much, but then again I'd want something that would be actually worth watching. So if anyone sees any sweet TV deals out there let me know :).

Oh! on a side note I watched Serenity recently, which is a pretty damn good movie based on the really damn good TV series Firefly. I watched it at a coworker's house and the really cool part was the projector setup he had. Pretty much just a ceiling mounted projector facing a nice big section of wall in this nook in the basement--gave a real movie theater-esq experience.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Hit by a Car

Biking to work is a great thing, don't get me wrong. it's great exercize. It saves money. It's a nice opertunity to get outside...

However, the real downside, which I've been annoyed by all along, but which really only hit me today (pun probably intended), is the fact that bicyclists are pretty much invisible to most drivers. I notice it every day. We technicaly have the right of way at crosswalks for example, but only maybe one in twenty drivers making a left turn over the crosswalk will actually stop.

The same thing happens with people turning out of mall parking lots--and that's where I finally got run over today.

Well.... maybe not run over :) and really not even hit hard enough to knock me over, but definitely enough to be pretty pissed of :). It was the typical scenario: car waiting for break in traffic to pull onto the road--I start crossing in front of it--soccer mom in soccer mom van decides then is a good time to pedal to the metal and pull out into the street.

The van, the bike, and myself came out completely unscathed. The driver was very apologetic, and I really just wanted to get to work, so after assuring her I was fine, we simply drove and rode on.

I suppose I'll just have to start waiting for all the cars rushing to god knows where to go on past before I use crosswalks where I technically have the right of way. Right of way won't do me much good when Newton's Third Law kicks in.

So until next time, if you see a biker, stop for them!