Thursday, February 02, 2006

Staying out late... partying across the country... that's it my dollars are so grounded

If you haven't checked out Where's George you defnitely should. It's a neat website that allows you to enter your US paper money and see where it ends up on its travels after it leaves your wallet. If the bill was already entered into Where's George you can see where it has been as well!

I'm tracking a few bills. You can check em out here:

El'Cashos Numero Uno
Bill Zwei
Currency Unit 11

Unfortunetly none of the bills I've entered had any history and no one has entered anything since. But one of these days!

There was also a recent news story about how Where's George was recently used to model the spread of infectious disease based on the assumption that since paper money is carried around by people, mapping its movements may be a good model of how other things carried by humans (mainly diseases) get carried around. This is especially cool because it's very related to some of the work that Metron does. A number of our projects deal with modeling social networks (in our case for the purpose of detecting terrorist activity).

Oh, and finally, for all you Slash Dot fans out there, aparently the news story above was picked up by so many news media sources that Where's George couldn't handle the load, so of course the slashdotters took credit for it:

And PLEASE stop telling me I've been slashdotted or FARKed. I've been slashdotted and FARKed many times before,

and my servers can handle that piddly load. Just because a site is overwhelmed with traffic

DOES NOT MEAN you slashdotters get to take the credit. The cause of the extreme traffic is that hundreds

of online news outlets, TV, Radio, and print have all picked up this story at the same time.

To see all these stories, please enter "" into, or just click here.


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