Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Brown-bagging it

I was sitting here at my desk a moment ago eating lunch and I got the oddest sense of deja'vu. Thinking about it for a second, looking down at my sandwich, yogurt, banana, etc... I realize that I've eaten pretty much this same thing, or mixed and matched pieces of it, since, oh middle school.

Today it's in a plastic bag (I reuse the ones I get grocery shopping) instead of the brown bag I always brought to school and contains:
  • Quaker Chewey Oatmeal Rasin Granola Bar
  • Giant Brand "fruit on the bottom" Peach Yogurt (with oats for topping)
  • Peanut Butter and Honey Sandwich (Whole Wheat Bread)
  • Banana
  • Baby Carrots
  • Container of Baked Beans
  • Can of Coke "Zero" (from lunch room fridge--some days its water or OJ, but today Coke sounded good)
Oh, I should note that I pack a lot, but don't eat lunch all at once. I sort of nibble all throughout the day. If I don't then I'm hungry by 3:00 and can't bear to drag myself to the gym after work because all I can think about is getting something to eat :).

Actually looking over my list I see a mix of old and new. Gone are the peanuts and Caprisun that I remember very vividly from high school lunches. Gone are the Nuti-Cookies as well (although right after Christmas I raided our fridge at home did have them again for a while). Gone are the pretzels (although every once in a while I get a bag and have them for a while). I've added random items from my fridge. Leftover pizza or chicken or salmon often gets thrown in there, or canned soup if I've been too lazy to bike to Giant in a while and am running low on stuff (my fridge is almost always pretty empty--when you're living by yourself stuff goes bad if you buy too much food--of course with only a bike carrier and a backpack to take groceries home in I can't buy much regardless).

Two things I'd like to follow up on:
  • Writing this and thinking about the lunches I've packed in the past made me want to keep something of a record of it. I think I'll post again in a month or so to see what's changed (if I can remember!)
  • I definitely inherited some parsimonious genes from my mom :) so besides packing lunch so I get to eat exactly what I want, I also do it to save money. I'd be interested to see how much I spend on food on average per week. I'll check my Quicken data at some point, but as a quick estimate I don't think it's more than $30 (and with prices at the lunch places around here--Panera, COSI, Wrapworks, Chipotle--I'd spend more than that just on five days of lunches).


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