Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Tigris and Euphrates

Tigris and Euphrates.

I'm currently playing any 8 contiguous play by email games through BoardGameGeek's free online service (if you're interested in the site itself I've got some comments on it here). I just keep joining games until it's my turn in one of them often enough that I don't go crazy waiting.


Blogger Lewis said...

So how does that work? Does the site provide an online game board, or do they simply moderate the e-mail exchanges while the players play on their own boards? If the latter, how do you keep eight games going on a single board? And do they keep stats?

9:40 PM  
Blogger Geoff said...

The only "email" aspect of it is that they notify you when it's your turn.

The site provides an online board and interface for making moves. You have to log into the site and each game has its own id, so there are hundreds of games going at any one time... If I join 8 games there's a separate board for each.

Yup they keep stats.

11:58 PM  

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