Thursday, January 19, 2006

Miles per Junior Bacon Cheeseburger

I glanced at my bike's odometer today and it says that since I purchased my bike about six months ago (just a few days after I moved up here to the Washington area) that I've ridden a total of 548 miles. To be fair, the number is actually higher since I've definitely forgotten to put my speedometer/odometer back on a times. Recently though I've tried to be good about it since I want to get an accurate figure for just how much I ride on my commute to work.

Now there's two main reasons that I ride a bike to work. One is because it's good exercise, and two because it saves money. But just how much exercise, you ask? And just how much money? Well my friend, you've come to right place.

My average speed is about 9.6 miles per hour, I weigh around 135 lbs, so while riding my bike I burn about 381 calories per hour (or so I'm told).

Now, at 9.6 miles per hour, those 548 miles of riding equal about 57 hours on my bike or 21717 calories burned.

That's a big excess of calories that my daily torture has earned me! How will I spend this hoard of burned off calories you ask? I plan to cash in on them all by eating Junior Bacon Cheesburgers because according to Wendy's I've earned 59 of them (at 370 calories each).

But what's the cost? Well first how much do I save not driving an old junker around (we're dealing with gas costs only here--with no insurance or car payments of course it's even better)? The national average gas price is currently $2.32 per gallon (and this is being conservative because of the insanely high gas prices over the summer). According to wikipedia (which, incidentally we know is full of lies, but lets press on regardless) the average "car shaped object" gets 21 miles per gallon of city driving. So I've saved about 26 gallons of gas or about 60 bucks.

I suppose that's alright... but we're forgetting to take into account my bike's mpjbc! For the laymen out there, that's my "Miles Per Junior Bacon Cheeseburger" or how many delicious Junior Bacon Cheeseburgers I must consume to power my vehicle.

We said above that I've got to eat 59 burgers which, over those 548 miles of riding, works out to be just about 9.3 mpjbc--damn I'm a gas guzzler.

Regardless, buying those 59 burgers at 99 cents a pop is, well... about 59 dollars.


I saved a whole frigging buck fifty for my FIVE HUNDRED MILES OF BIKE RIDING!

There's a moral in here somewhere... but I've got an extra buck fifty of cheeseburgers to buy.


Blogger Lewis said...

Hey, math major! Wouldn't that be "9.3 mpjbc" rather than "9.3 jbcpm" :-). And if that is the case, then cheeseburger fuel costs you about 10.6 cents per mile, while gas would cost you 11 cents per mile. That means that you have saved $2.19, not $1.50.

And I am an English major! :-)

9:58 PM  
Blogger Geoff said...

Bah! Only an English major would be that picky :)

I did get it right in the paragraph above that one!

12:03 AM  

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